Industrial Reports, Inc.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can we decide if Industrial Reports would benefit our company?
Our clients are those companies that if they got only one order from using our reports during a year, the cost of our reports would have been the best investment they made during the year.

2. What do your clients like about Industrial Reports?
Our clients have formed long term relationships with Industrial Reports and rely on our services to provide them with accurate information and cost effective opportunities to prosper.

3. How do you get your information?
All of our information is obtained and verified directly with the owner of the facilities and/or their architects and engineers.

4. How do you know which owners and/or architects and engineers to contact?
Our database currently contains information on over 92,000 projects developed over the last 30 years. We utilize this information to assist us in researching future projects, both with owners and their architects and engineers.

5. What geographic area do you cover?
We currently research and report projects in all 50 states in the United States and all 13 provinces/territories in Canada.

6. How much does your information cost?
Our reports cost as little as $75.00 per month. Our average client spends $212 per month. Pricing options are shown on our order form.

7. Can we specify certain types of projects?
Yes, we can customize your service so you receive only those reports that meet your specification. Reports can be specified by any combination of project type, budget, business opportunites, project phase, and key words.

8. Do you repeat project information?
Projects are updated only when a significant change occurs such as a site being selected and/or EPC or CM inclusion.

9. How often are the reports issued?
Reports are issued daily.

10. Are the reports timely?
We identify and report projects as soon as possible. Reports on projects will vary from the early planning stage to beginning construction with design not complete.

11. How long has your company been in business?
Our business was incorporated in 1987, and we have been serving many of our clients continuously since that time.

12. How many projects do you report?
The number of reports varies by activity in each state, province or territory. See our Current Projects Summary to get an idea of the number of projects in each state.

13. What size projects do you report?
We report industrial projects with a project value of $.5 million and greater. See our Current Projects Summary to get an idea of the size of the projects.


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