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CCI Flooring - provides industrial flooring and chemicals

FloorTech - protective floor coatings, flooring contractor

Containerhouse International, Inc. - Portable, Custom Buildings for a wide variety of onshore & offshore applications. Complete line of accessories including aluminum doors, windows, louvers, and escape hatches

Macroseal Inc. - a full-line fluid sealing products distributor, specializing in gasket fabrication

Koffler Sales - We offer a wide variety of floor mats for industrial use, sports areas, animals, kitchen areas, and more.

Titanium Metal Supply Co.- Titanium supplier and stocking distributor, and full service source of titanium mill products.

Custom Circuit Boards - Custom Circuit Boards provides top of the line PCBs for your next project. We provide boards with a quick turnaround at affordable prices.



Bibb Control Systems - Valves and Fittings

Blake & Pendleton - full service provider of Pumps, Compressed Air & Gas Equipment, Vacuum Systems, Process and Heat Transfer Equipment

Dearborn Overhead Crane, Inc. - Bridge Cranes - custom built Overhead Cranes since 1947.

EMH, Inc. - Manufactures a complete line of overhead cranes, crane kits and components, including wire rope hoists, endtrucks, box girders and electrical controls. Also supplies NOMAD® and AL Systems™ complete modular workstation cranes.

Gajjar Engineering - Your Crane & Hoist Specialist

JibCrane-Outlet - Jib Cranes and portable Gantry Cranes from 1/4 to 15 ton capacity.

Zenmar Ergonomic Solutions - Offering sales and service to the construction and industrial markets, specializing in ergonomic solutions using pneumatic tools, high-pressure hydraulics, electric tools and material handling equipment.

Valtorc Butterfly Valves - American made butterfly valve by Valtorc International. Triple offset, double offset, cast iron, stainless steel and PVC butterfly valves.

eCompressedair - Full manufacture and distributor of compressed air products

Conveyor & Storage Solutions, Inc- Material handling equipment distributor and integrator.

Titan Environmental Containment- Specializes in the supply and installation of geomembrane liners, bolted steel tanks, and welded tanks. 


Cooper Electrical Construction Co.- electrical contractor

Hall Contracting Corporation- general contractor

Samet Corporation- general contractor

Capital Solutions Inc.- We specialize in financing heavy equipment for people with less than perfect credit.

Wayne Brothers - Grading and Utility Contractor, Grading Contractor, Grading Experts

THS Constructors - Client satisfaction comes first.

Atlantic Coast Industrial - We provide a source for the Facilities Manager to find the right resources for the right job.

Electrical Systems and Instrumentation Inc. - ESI offers Process Instrumentation, Industrial Services, Commercial Services, Power Industry Services, Oil and Gas Industry Services, and Renewable Energy Services.

A.R. Merante Corporation- Sales representative serving the U.S., Canada and Mexico


SSPC Online (Society for Protective Coatings)

Industrial Reports Online


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